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Cupcakes--You Asked for It

I'm on my third glass of wine tonight. It's becoming more common for me to drink some wine this winter, after all, we had our 7th snow day, I believe. While an occasional snow day, now and then, gives a much needed reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the normal winter routine, the constant weather kicking our butts with cold, snow, ice, and winter yuck is downright exhausting and my patience is shot.

Main focus of this picture is the glass of wine. Wine glass filled to half-way point with Barefoot Moscato. Standing on two gray hand-made pot holders.
3rd Glass of Moscato

But, even though my patience is shot, when you have a daughter that LOVES to cook, you indulge her and try to find a little joy in the day. I'm hopeful that her kitchen skills prove to be lifelong and that she always enjoys cooking--even when the dishes are abundant, the kitchen is inefficient, and her own children (sometime in the very distant future) want to learn to cook.

Tonight, she made cupcakes. But they weren't our made-up recipe. They were found in this cookbook.

Cover of the cookbook "Cooking with MICKEY around our world"
Cooking with Mickey around our world

It's always an Adventure in Cooking with Tori and when I asked if she wanted me to get the camera of if we should just bake, I immediately regretted asking the question. So, a video will be coming soon of "Cupcakes - You Asked for It" for Adventures in Cooking with Tori.

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