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National Pumpkin Day

It's #nationalpumpkinday. Quite fitting for an October day where the temperature was sweatshirt weather nice and the kids had Harvest Hoopla at their school. In addition, I am pretty sure that there is somewhere in a 20 mile radius where we could #trunkortreat every night for the next week. But I have had long days that have turned into long weeks that have turned into long months.

We used to do A LOT for Halloween. It's my husband's favorite holiday. We had a grave yard. We had lights in front of our porch, on the porch, and decorated with spiderwebs and other creeps and crawlies. We bought full-size candy bars to give out. We gave treats to all who came - and being a high school teacher in a small town, I generally had a few high schoolers. Then we had kids.

Once we had kids, I didn't have the energy to invest in Halloween. So this is #thetopfivelist of how I became the lazy Halloween mom:

1. Kids don't have Halloween costumes - they choose from the dress up box.

2. I set the candy on the porch and don't police it. (The dog goes ballistic when people come to the door).

3. Sometimes, I just shut the light off and don't worry about trick-or-treaters.

4. We go to one, maybe two, trunk or treats.

5. I send their dad to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood.

What do you do to be a #lazymom or do you #imomsohard?

picture of a girl on the left with a pumpkin on the right for a pumpkin themed ring toss
Harvest Hoopla at Johnson STEAM Academy

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