Speedy Freelancer: How to Write Faster - A Review

It's spring break. I am at an amusement park with my children and husband - much more their idea of fun than mine - but while my courage to get my first book, Kidnapped Asylum, to an editor is building it is a good distraction. My daughter and my husband are on a thrill seeking adventure, but my son and I are less of the thrill-seeking type and he finds the Firehouse Play Place at Silver Dollar City great fun (and I can scroll on my phone for a small breather). I see an offer

The Right Answer - A Book Review

Eventually I will finish my blog post and tell you all about my wonderful February. (For it being a month that I generally dislike--mostly because it's cold--it was a very good February 2019). One of the best things about February was making connections. I took a leap of faith in January and left the safety of a full-time job to explore what it was like to be an #authorpreneur. At one event I attended, I met a staffer for John Delaney's campaign and we connected that day, met