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Be Kind to the Water

Water is an amazing substance. It can be a solid, liquid, or gas, and yet its chemical properties are the same. It is always two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. Regardless of the state of matter - solid, liquid, or gas - the molecular composition is the same. In my post Is the Water the Same?, I challenge us all to think about the water as being the same water, whether you are floating in the safe waters of the shallow end or if you're courageous enough to tread the waters

Is the Water the Same?

There was an amazing attribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. last at the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Cedar Rapids. I honestly probably wouldn't have went to the celebration if my daughter hadn't been singing in the Johnson STEAM Academy's Gospel Choir. But my little girl was there, singing beautifully, enjoying the songs about Dr. King and beaming with radiance as she felt the presence of the music, but I, too, felt the presence of community. Community. A qu

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