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Go Float Yourself

If there was a magical place where you could float yourself away to another dimension, would you go? I would-and I do, regularly. I discovered it through a colleague a little more than a year ago. Total Rejuvenation is an amazing disconnect to experience the #JOMO.

Walking in to Total Rejuvenation is peaceful. The ambiance is calm. The screen in the chill area has nature swimming across it and there's often meditation music softly whispering through the air. Josh, the owner, is often working-doing everything that one must do to run a small business, but also confidently greeting the guests.

Sometimes when I walk in, I'm pleasantly surprised that I may head back to the flotation room early. Other times, I wait, pursuing through books lining the bookshelves. But no matter the case, I know I will go float myself away-at least for part of my 90 minute session.

After a cool shower, complete with scrubbing off all my dead skin and washing my hair, I open up a journey to a new world. Depending on the availability, I may be in a spaceship capsule (similar to the Star Jetter from Miles from Tomorrowland) or I may be literally floating myself in complete darkness in the larger flotation room; however, when I climb in, I close off the outside world.

It is a 90 minute gift of turning off noise, focusing on my breath, and allowing my muscles to relax. Each flotation vessel gives me full power to turn lights on and off at my leisure, but generally I carefully slide into the abyss of my mind in pitch black with only my thoughts for company. Sometimes, I float amazingly for a full 90 minutes and sometimes I hit the 45 minute mark and I've met my expectation for the float and am done, but today I had the first experience where I was in the perfect place that I would have liked to stay for another 20 minutes.

No two of my flotation experiences are the same; but, they are all the perfect escape to another universe within my mind. Ninety minutes recharges me, and if you're ready to give yourself the gift of floating away, book a float with Josh and his team at Total Rejuvenation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa or find a flotation center near you.

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