Holy Evening AKA Halloween

For those of you that have never wondered where Halloween originated or why we celebrate it, you're not alone. I really hadn't contemplated it until today. I was teaching an ESL class and a student asked, "Is today a holiday?" When I said it was Halloween the student, from Central Africa, had never heard of it. Then I realized how little I knew about the origins of Halloween. It's a holiday that my family always celebrated and I have at least 10 costumes that my mom made for

It's a Pedicure by Tori

When you're not a diva, but have an 8 year old who is, you find a way to bond over painting toe nails - while watching Power Rangers. Tonight, we gave each other very basic pedicures. Here's a picture of the completed activity. #imomsohard #pedicures #bonding #blogtober

National Pumpkin Day

It's #nationalpumpkinday. Quite fitting for an October day where the temperature was sweatshirt weather nice and the kids had Harvest Hoopla at their school. In addition, I am pretty sure that there is somewhere in a 20 mile radius where we could #trunkortreat every night for the next week. But I have had long days that have turned into long weeks that have turned into long months. We used to do A LOT for Halloween. It's my husband's favorite holiday. We had a grave yard. We