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Courage--it comes from the Latin word--Cor. Cor means "of the heart." Although the origin of the word is heart, over the years it has changed meaning. Now, we think of it as synonymous with bravery. Bravery, by contrast, has the Latin meaning barbarous--savagely cruel.

I am searching for courage right now. Courage to take the final leap of faith to hire an editor and get my novel published. I have a quote. The novel is written. The next book is yearning to escape into a rough draft. But, I am scared. I am not feeling courageous. The next step feels more like the word brave to me--savagely cruel.

I feel like I am not a good enough writer. I am filled with self-doubt. I am struggling to fulfill my purpose--which I know is to be a published author. I've committed to this journey. Now I have to see it through. So I am searching for the most courage I possibly can find.

I'm sure that I will find my courage. I just need to take the baby steps to do so. Put one foot in front of the other and remember that I wrote a book--something many people want to do, but few actually do. The hardest part is done. Now, I just need to find my courage to do the rest.

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