Mrs. Everything- A Book Review 

Jo, the main character in Mrs. Everything, begins by taking a phone call revealing that she has cancer. Then we're taken on a journey through Jo's whole life where she's struggling as she lives a comfortable, but not entirely fulfilled life.

Sadly, this is a book that I wanted to like, but I found it overly descriptive and filled with too much narration around the dialogue. By the end of the book, I just read the dialogue, which, for me, made a better story.

The message and theme of the book, however, remind us how far we've come in society's treatment of women over the last 70 years, but the sharp contrast of what makes a successful man to what makes a successful woman is still prevalent in society.

My hope is that although this book wasn't my favorite is that there are people who will enjoy it and appreciate it for its look at femininity as it has changed over time.

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