Baby Powder Snow

Baby Powder Snow

January 6, 2013 was baby powder snowpocalypse at our house. My thirty-first birthday present was being left home alone with a 2 and a half year old and an almost six month old. I will never forget it.

My husband had been gone for two or three days. My daughter was quiet and I assumed she was playing in her room. (I have no idea why I would assume that, as she almost never played by herself). I breastfed the six month old and listened to the silence - and then in my grogginess, I realized it was too quiet.

I carried my son to his room, passing by the bathroom, and saw the baby powder lining the floor. I sucked in my breath, as I often do (when I get so mad and I want to roar...), and calmly asked what she was doing.

I knew that I could get mad. I knew that I could be mean. But I also knew that I could possibly teach her that it was okay to make a mess - if she cleaned it up. But before we did that, I grabbed her brother, plopped his feet in the baby powder snow and took pictures of my children's feet for documentation in their scrapbooks. And then I posted on Facebook about my birthday present.

It will be six years in January that it snowed in my bathroom. I think we've finally gotten all the baby powder completely cleaned up, but there could be a speck or two still lingering in a corner somewhere.

What's the craziest thing that your child has done? Did you get angry or did you calmly teach them the consequence of their action was to clean it up?


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