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gray kitten with black stripes and mouse toy
Princess Zoom Zoom

Our kitten is almost three months old. She's gray with black stripes and she is the sweetest, most tolerant kitten that I have ever seen. She is playful because she "Zoom-zooms" all over the place, hence the name Princess Zoom Zoom. A combination from my daughter's desire for her name to be Princess and my son's desire for her name to be Zoom Zoom. Mom's compromise was, "Why not call her Princess Zoom Zoom?" So that's what she became - kind of. My husband calls her "Foosy-Fu" and my daughter has nicknamed her "Fluffbutt." She may never know her real name.

This morning, I came out of my room to see a wet kitten on the table. "Why is the kitten wet?" my husband and I inquired simultaneously. Apparently my daughter had taken her in the shower with her. The why behind this is unclear. Probably the impulsiveness caused by having ADHD. So we cuddled her in a towel and dried her off. By the time we left for ice skating lessons, Princess Zoom Zoom was playing with twist ties, Nerf gun darts, and other random trash that she deemed was a toy.

Princess Zoom Zoom is well-loved (maybe a little too well-loved by my eight year old, who reminds me of Elvira from Looney Toons). Thankfully, she only has to deal with said 8 year old for a couple hours per day - and she may have gotten a little revenge this morning by playing with T's hair at 5:30 A.M. waking her up for the day.

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