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Chameleon - A Book Review

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Sometimes everything in my world aligns and I can sit down and read a book from start to finish without any interruptions. Sometimes it doesn't. When I read an ARC (advanced reader's copy) of Chameleon by Tasche Laine, I wanted to have a day where I didn't have other obligations and could sit and read, but since she hooked me at the beginning, and I had other plans for the day, I sadly split the book into two days.

At the beginning of the book we see Jeff (later changes his name to Geoffrey) escaping serious legal allegations from the back of a cop car. When he meets Tara, a newly divorced mother, his eye is on having her all to himself. Tara is an overly-compassionate studio teacher, devoted to making sure her child-performers receive education while filming or recording movies, TV shows, or doing other industry work. But no one is more important to her than her daughter, Jalina. Geoffrey's sickeningly sweet way of weaseling himself into Tara's life and demanding she change for him will make your skin crawl.

I couldn't put the book down. Although predictable in the fact that good would triumph over the narcissistic man invading Tara's life, the way the author,

, presents the material keeps the reader wanting more. Being an advanced reader of this book was a privilege because the fast tempo of the book meant that I read it in just a few hours. However, if you are looking for constant physical action and adventure this is not the book for you. But, if you want a great plot, a caring mother, and a thrilling tale of how Tara becomes and eventually escapes being Geoffrey's prey, you'll enjoy this book.

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