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Dinosaur Taco Holder Review

Boxes of Dinosaur Taco holders arrived on Saturday, torturing our children with demands to wait to put them together.

Taco Tuesday rolled around today, and although, they didn't get assembled in time for dinner, they are being assembled as I am typing this out.

It was simple to put together. It engaged two very, very busy kids (and possibly one very busy adult) for at least fifteen minutes. The numerical directions are easy to use and simple for the kids to put together.

And if anyone is wondering what an almost 10 year old says about the experience, they are:

"This a triceratops. I made it all by myself (with a little help). It's green and it can hold tacos."

Also, it does hold tacos--or grilled cheese, waffles, or any number of other foods.

Thanks Kids at Heart Crafts for the unique bonding opportunity for our family.

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