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Eggciting Morning

Easton asks, "Mom, can we have eggs for breakfast?"

"Sure," I answer.

I pull the eggs, milk, and butter out of the refrigerator and get out my measuring cup that I typically scramble the eggs in. I look down and there is Tori - dressed in her apron - with a look that says, please let me help.

So, I let her take over. She wants desperately to help, but this morning (prior to taking her medicine) her attention is not on this task. It's simply her desire to help, but the execution isn't there. She's easily distracted this morning and my patience with her overtaking my kitchen is slim. But, we do manage to scramble some eggs for breakfast. And I capture a video for Adventures in Cooking with Tori, but uploading it tonight is proving challenging - so it will come later.

Someday I will be happy that she's so invested in helping cook, but this morning I just wanted to get the eggs cooked without help. How do other moms cope with balancing the teachable life skills with their own sanity in the kitchen?

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