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Grease Elimination

Some houses lend themselves to being more suited for a woman; while other houses lend themselves to being more suited for a man. Our old house is a very masculine house - aside from the jetted tub, which is quite possibly the ONLY thing I miss about it. However, my husband and I still own it.

The latest person to rent it from us, lived there for not quite 6 years. Even without going back and looking at the original contract, I could tell you that it was 6 years ago, because my son was a baby when we last had to deal with renting it out.

We purchased the house in 2006. Not only did the housing bubble pop soon after that, but the houses were all reassessed in that particular county and most homes were assessed for about 20% less than they had previously been valued at. So when we listed it, we had only a few people look at it and no one wanted a true starter house. Fast-forward to 2018, we still own it.

It's on the market yet again. This time we listed FSBO and have only thought about renting it out because someone contacted us looking for a rental. If she wants to rent it, we will accommodate and do a month-to-month lease, because we are keeping it up for sale.

The house is currently consuming all our extra resources of time, money, energy, and patience. I have knocked down cobwebs that have permanently embedded themselves in the ceiling and along the chair rail. I have scrubbed the shower with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. But my biggest challenge so far was to clean the microwave. I question if it had been cleaned at all in the previous six years, because when I started the outside was yellow. It had grease everywhere and it was a nightmare to clean.

My cousin suggested LA Awesome. I went to Dollar General today, because on Sundays in a small town the choices are Dollar General or the grocery store and Dollar General is usually cheaper for cleaning supplies. I held my breath sprayed it on the outside of the microwave and went to work cleaning the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later I wiped the microwave off and aside from gagging because of the amount of grease coming off, I was in awe of how truly awesome this stuff was. LA Awesome pulled so much grease off the microwave that it went from being yellowish-brown to actually being white!

Last weekend I had tackled the inside of the microwave. I got the splatters all cleaned up and it went from looking like this:

inside of a microwave before cleaning
Microwave Before Cleaning

To looking like this:

the inside of a microwave after being cleaned
Microwave After Cleaning

And then I was DONE. The microwave wasn't clean on the outside, but I was done. I couldn't figure out how to get the grease off. I had soaked it in dish soap and apple cider vinegar. But it wasn't working. After putting in several hours on Friday and all of Saturday to the cause, I left and we returned this weekend. Most of the accomplishments happened outside, but I'm super excited to say that all those yellow greasy spots on the outside of the microwave are GONE. You can now tell that the microwave is white.

the outside of a microwave after being cleaned with LA Awesome
Outside of Microwave Looking Mostly White

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