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Non-swimmer to Swimmer

This afternoon I am meeting an adult - for the first time - who is a non-swimmer. According to our emails, he's not afraid of the water - as long as he can touch. But, he's ready to learn to swim - and he's in his fifties.

I used to HATE teaching adults. The more time that you have to build up fear of the water the harder it is to retrain your brain to know that the water is the same, no matter which side of the rope you're on. But now that I have my own kids, I LOVE teaching adults to swim.

First, I get to have a conversation with the adults about what their goals are. Do they want to learn to float? Do they want to visit the ocean? Do they want to approach water without having a panic attack? Or is there another reason that they've taken a very brave step and signed up to learn to swim.

Second, they are motivated! I haven't met an adult who has been unmotivated to try their best. (Granted, most kids find a lot of success with me too - but, adults make great use of having a one-on-one guide in the pool).

Finally, most adults finish their lessons (whether they sign up for one session of 4 30-minute lessons or 2 sessions of 4 30-minute lessons) with a little more confidence in, on, and around the water. Some learn to float - and they are satisfied with that. Others learn to propel themselves down the pool, but are working to be able to return to the other end without stopping by the time we wrap up our last lesson - and we both feel good about their confidence level near water.

Today will be a little different though. The swimmer and I are being videotaped. He has a colleague that wants to document his journey from non-swimmer to swimmer. I am excited to be making a new connection with a production group, but I am also nervous about being on camera - although not as nervous as I was on Saturday night, when I read an excerpt from my upcoming debut novel, "Kidnapped Asylum," in front of 70+ people - so I know that I'll be just fine.

Brandi Parsons is a freelance writer, book blogger, mom, educator, and authorpreneur. Her first book, "Kidnapped Asylum" will be released this spring. To be a part of the book launch, complete this form. If you're interested in Brandi's freelance services, contact her here.

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