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Non-Swimmer to Swimmer - Part 3

The Midwest Athletic Club's pool area in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Bin of pool noodles in yellow, green, and blue on the left, cement pool deck around a three-lane indoor swimming pool.
Learning to Swim

Two of the activities I love the most in life are colliding in documenting an adult's journey from non-swimmer to swimmer: writing and teaching swim lessons. Tonight will be my second meeting with Alton. It will also be the third lesson I've taught this week. That doesn't sound like a lot - until you factor in everything else that I have also done this week.

I wake up between 5 and 5:30 everyday and make a conscious effort to practice a morning meditation to begin my day. I lay in bed, on my back, with my knees bent and listen to a ten-minute meditation from Calm. Sometimes I spray some Palo Santo around me and hold some crystals. Other times, I just lay back and focus on watching my breath come in and out of my body. After meditation, I journal. Then, I blog, check email, or work on my next book. Afterwards, my kids and I go to school, where they go to class and I am a paraeducator. When our day finishes, I go teach a swim lesson - which means that by the time I get home around 6 PM, I've already had a more than full day of work.

Even though I am tired by the end of my day at school, I go and put on the bravest face I can for the little and big swimmers who are trying to navigate this crazy watery world. The water is tricky - because it's a lot like life: the harder you fight against it, the more it disrupts your world. I can't just give my knowledge of the mechanics of water to someone else, they have to experience it. And to experience it, they have to show up. They have to show up consistently and over time they find their Zen with the water.

This week has been hard, but good. I uploaded my first book into Amazon (but I'm releasing it on 4/23 so stay tuned). I volunteered for the PTA at school. I bought a teacher appreciation gift as a donation from our family to the PTA and supported a local business (but it's still a secret - so there will be more about that coming next month). I worked with two little swimmers and I have one big swimmer left to work with. But, during all of this I was fighting - just a little - with what the Universe has been telling me, "You're a writer - now use that gift," just as I hope that tonight, when I meet with Alton for the second time he embraces the gifts that water can give us.

Brandi Parsons is a freelance writer, book blogger, mom, educator, and authorpreneur. Her first book, "Kidnapped Asylum" is coming April 23, 2019. If you're interested in Brandi's freelance services, contact her here.

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