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Not Even Bones - A Book Review

Nita is not just any young adult. She is an unnatural, sentenced to helping her mom sell body parts on the black market. When Nita is kidnapped, she believes it is her mother’s punishment for helping a live unnatural escape the torture her mom was planning. Nita faces the reality that sometime life has a lot of gray areas--neither good nor bad, neither black nor white--while she works with an unlikely ally to escape her imprisonment.

I enjoyed Nita’s internal conflict with her conscience the most. Every time Nita was face to face with disaster, she had an internal debate with herself, almost comparing herself to how similar she was to the villian.

Sometimes it’s so easy for us to only view the world in right and wrong, black and white, good and evil way; but, Rebecca Schaeffer challenges us to think about the grayness of the world and how we are all more alike than different. Each of us have unique gifts or superpowers and each of us have many flaws. This author does a very good job of highlighting Nita’s abilities while also addressing her imperfections.

If you enjoy YA fantasy, being challenged in the “gray” areas of life, and reading about unnaturals that are not only vampires and werewolves, then I recommend this book.

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