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Remember the Sunscreen

When you're outside this weekend, remember the sunscreen!

My children and I have fairly light skin. Our complexions give off the radiant glows of either pale, pale peach or lobster red - not much in the middle. We carry sunscreen with us everywhere.

But even before we leave the house, we put on sunscreen. Why? Because it takes awhile for sunscreen to truly work. We also make sure to reapply it when we arrive at our destination.

I know there is all kinds of advice about the different types of sunscreens available to you, but I subscribe to the very basic advice of buy a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and go from there.

Generally, I do go with a higher number, but that is just because that is what works for me.

But the best advice of all - when you go outside on this long weekend, remember the sunscreen!

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