Scaredy Bat and the Sunscreen Snatcher

With all things quarantine right now, it's the perfect time to do some reading and this morning I just finished an ARC of Scaredy Bat and the Sunscreen Snatcher by Marina J. Bowman.

This book is the perfect early chapter book. It is along the lines of The Notebook of Doom series by Troy Cummings that my daughter has read multiple times (& I am sick of re-reading).

Ellie is a vampire and she needs a special sunscreen to keep her from getting permanent blue dots all over her. But she loses it! So Ellie and her friends must solve the mystery of the missing sunscreen. Along the way, they uncover the answer to another mystery in their town, why does Stinky Lou always smell sooooooo bad?

As a teacher, I can see some STEAM activities stemming from this book, as part of the solution has to do with perseverance.

Thanks to the author for allowing me to be part of the advanced reader team.

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