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Thankful Thursday

It's a very busy season in my life right now. I have a middle schooler and a child in late elementary school. For the past 2 1/2 months our weekends have been consumed with Girl Scout cookie booths. They're over for this year and for that I am thankful.

My daughter didn't quite make Super Seller status this year, which I'm struggling with a bit. She attended every cookie booth she could, which was all but one. She had a lot of in person orders, but I couldn't justify getting 60 more boxes of cookies just to bump her up to Super Seller status. And—to be honest—she was DONE.

There's a few lingering boxes of cookies in the closet that still don't have homes, but it's always possible that someone will ask for one of those boxes tomorrow.

Our troop had amazing girls participating and they did a great job. We survived one of the coldest cookie booths I ever volunteered for and they did fabulous despite wind chills that were close to zero. There were also limited quantities of great selling cookies, which also makes it hard, but together the girls pressed on.

Now we've moved from cookie season to performance season and that will also consume some time, but at least my weekends are free of cookie booths until next year. Until then, I'll be trying not to consume my last three boxes of Tagalongs in one sitting.

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