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Thankful Thursday - Unexpected Opportunities

To be honest, writing hasn't given me much joy recently. I am working full-time. My children are involved in a lot of activities and my bandwidth is filling pretty overloaded right now.

Every time I'm almost ready to completely shut down and never pick up a pen again, an unexpected opportunity presents itself.

Last year, it was an opportunity for a book signing at Stepping Stones Christian Bookstore in Marshalltown and Grinnell. This year, it was an unexpected opportunity to present a Blogging Basics class at the Hiawatha Public Library.

When unexpected opportunities arise, it makes it seem worth it to keep going on this journey. Perhaps right now my journey is up a very steep hill where I can only take a few steps at a time without needing to rest in between.

Do you ever have times where you almost, but not quite, give up?

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