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The Ones We Choose A Novel by Julie Clark

The Cover of the fictional novel "The Ones We Choose" by Julie Clark. The background is blue with a picture of a Ferris wheel on the left.

My utmost admiration for another "before the sun rises" author, Julie Clark, in telling the story of Paige, a single mother - by choice, and her son Miles. When Paige decides on using a sperm donor to bless herself with a child, her scientific mind is not prepared for the heartache and hurt her child will inevitably face.

Paige is so protective of herself and her son that she is afraid to take risks. Her sister, Rose, and her boyfriend, Liam, both point this out to her, but until Paige accidentally stumbles into some information that could potentially change Miles' future, she is not ready to let her guard down.

I see myself in Paige. Just like her, I want to protect myself from heartache. I don't want to be hurt anymore, but as her sister Rose says, "'Life cannot be lived inside the penalty box.'" So just as Paige finds her bravery again, I am working on finding my courage again too - and my first step is pursuing my childhood dream of being a published author, and leaping into this adventure of writing.

If you're looking for a book that focuses on a woman finding the strength to overcome heartache, this is a great read.

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