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The Very Busy Spiders

You've heard of The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, right? The spider is very busy spinning her web and at the end the spider falls asleep because it had been a very busy day creating a web.

It's been a very busy month at our house, including having a Spiderman and Spider Gwen sporting their costumes. When the Spider Gwen costume arrived last Wednesday, it kept our oldest child busy pretending to be Spider Gwen.

This is good, because I, too, have been very busy. I've been busy getting my book Intentional Inboxes: A Counter-intuitive Approach to Writing & Responding to Text, Emails, and Direct Messages ready to launch. I have been working on this book since May. Now, I am at the publishing point, but that's where it gets hard for me.

Throughout The Very Busy Spider the spider doesn't answer the animals commenting about her work because she's too busy spinning her web. For the last month, I've been the spider—quiet and making slow and steady progress, but I haven't written a blog post to the publication point, because I've been too busy.

Now, I am tired. I am giving myself permission to take this week OFF from writing. To sleep a little later. To read, relax, and watch TV. And maybe, I will be ready to spin my next web (A.K.A. write my next book) just in time for NaNoWriMo on Friday.

When you've worked hard, what do you do to recharge?

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