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The Purple Door District by Erin Casey - Book Review

In The Purple Door District by Erin Casey, the reader is introduced to a new parahuman world. In The Purple Door District, the reader meets parahumans in the forms for werewolves, werebirds, vampires, and werecats, but the author does an amazing job of treating these characters as human--no matter what form they are in. The text is easy to read and compels readers to keep turning the page.

My favorite character is Bianca, the main character. Bianca's visions lead her down a path of chaos, but the twist of why she becomes a seer is worth the purchase of this book. Duke Joseph, the leader of the vampires, is my least favorite character. My prediction is that in future books, he will challenge the hierarchy of The Purple Door District.

In addition to being intrigued by a new fantasy world, I also connected with the author at a local book signing. Erin Casey is a believer in community and being welcoming to all. This is portrayed in her fictional work, but also is portrayed in her face-to-face persona. For those of readers in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, I highly recommend attending one of her upcoming events.

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