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To Be or Not To Be?

To be or not to be organized? That is a question that I battle with all the time. When we moved in, I nearly cried because the kitchen was set up so poorly. We had a forgivable loan to build our house and our contractor could not show us what the kitchen would look like - or I might have been more prepared. But of the cabinets that I do have only two are super useful for me, because I am vertically challenged. These store our cups and our plates, but are bursting at the seams when all the dishes are actually clean and put away. There's one other cabinet that I can reach. It is between the stove and the sink and it's lower, but it is a corner cabinet. It is a corner cabinet that I must stand on my head to use and every single time I organize it, it lasts about 5 minutes.

So - do I want to have organized storage containers, and other miscellaneous stuff in this cabinet? Yes, I do want to be organized. But after organizing, organizing, and organizing, I am not sure I have it in me to organize the cabinet one more time.

Could I bribe my kids to do it? Sure, but they might make it more disorganized. Would my husband do it? Nope. Last night, as dishes were falling out of the cabinet, he said, "Are you okay?" and when I didn't answer, he asked again, "Are you okay?"

My response was, "I'm fine, but I hate this kitchen." And in true adult fashion, I stomped around, pouted, and acted like my 8 year old.

My husband and I also disagree about this being our forever home. He says it is. I'm not convinced. It's been a good house - aside from the horrendous kitchen, but some day I will have a kitchen that functions well and an attached garage, but for now while we're in this season of life with constant expenses, I'll make due with my kitchen and be thankful for a garage to park the van.

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