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Weddings Are Gross - There's Kissing

6 year old and 8 year old children

Our wonderful friends got married last night. My husband was an usher. My daughter handed out "forms." My son said, "I don't want to go. I don't want to see people kiss! It's gross."

My daughter piped up and said, "There's lots more gross things like barf, pee, poo - not kissing!"

This highly debated topic lasted the entirety of our 15 minute drive from our hotel to the opera house destination of the wedding. My son was highly opinionated about kissing being gross and my daughter had plenty of comebacks for him.

In my son's defense, this was probably the first time that he will remember being at a wedding. He was asking questions like, "Is the bride the wife?" In his six-year-old mind this was an important question. When I asked what the groom became, he said, "the dad?" Apparently, he knew the vocabulary for wife, but not husband.

All in all, I think he was fascinated by the wedding. He sat in silence as the wedding party entered and stood mesmerized when the bride strolled down the aisle. The decorations, mostly made by the bride, were beautiful (of course, she does have her own decorating blog at - so it's not a big surprise that her wedding decor was flawless).

If my little boy was grossed out by the kiss at the end of the ceremony, he didn't make a scene. He just sat quietly until the wedding party had exited. Once we were at the reception, he sure didn't have any problem ringing the bell to get the couple to kiss. (Of course the bell came back to the hotel with us and he used that to announce his waking this morning).

The wedding and reception were beautiful - and someday I will miss my son's reaction to kissing being that it's gross!

Don't Bother Me Mom - I'm Doing My JOB!

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